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Bee Fairy Box

Bee Fairy Box

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Discover the magic of the Bee Fairy! This enchanting gift box is perfect for spreading joy and surprise to someone special.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 3 luxurious soap bars, each crafted with natural ingredients and delightful scents
  • 1 loofah round, perfect for a rejuvenating scrub

Each box comes with a whimsical card that reads, "You’ve just been stung by the Bee Fairy!" On the back, a sweet message reveals that someone has sent this surprise gift just for them.

Choose from our beautifully curated pre-built boxes, or for a personal touch, email us at to customize your own perfect gift.

Bring a smile to someone's face today with the Bee Fairy Gift Box!


Lavender love box- Shea and aloe bar, Olive oil and Jojoba beads bar, Shea and aloe love bar, and a goat milk loofah. All scented with lavender fragrance oil. 

Summer Time box- all soap is Shea and aloe. Fragrances are lemonade, watermelon, and lemon verbena. The loofah is orange blossom.

Arizona box- prickle pear bar is an oatmeal base with frosted sea glass fragrance. Arizona outline is also oatmeal with a cactus flower scent.  neon sunrise is a Shea and aloe base with brichwood fragrance  an orange blossom loofah completes the box.

Cat Mom box- cat mom bar is a Shea base with lemon verbena scent. The cat is Shea and aloe with frosted sea glass scent. The bar is a eucalyptus olive oil bar with jojoba beads. The loofah is a goats milk coconut lime.

Dog Mom dachshund- dog mom bar is a Shea and aloe base with lemonade scent. The dog is a Shea and aloe bar also with lemonade fragrance. The green bar is a eucalyptus fragrance with olive oil base and jojoba beads. The loofah is a goat milk base with coconut lime fragrance.

Dog Mom corgi- dog mom bar is a Shea and aloe base with lemonade scent. The corgi bar is also lemonade fragrance with Shea and aloe soap base. The green bar is olive oil with jojoba beads and a eucalyptus fragrance. The loofah is a goat milk base with coconut lime scent.



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